The Red Satans MC

July 25, 2013 by

Red Satans MC



If there’s one thing you learn about the venerable CT110, it’s that they’ll be with you for life. You may sell your prized Postie to fund a boozy night out, or loose it to a toothless Vietnamese man in a back room card game turned sour… but they’ll never be gone from your life.

The tumble weed silence at Super Adventure Touring Postie HQ was dragged on too long. Both founding protagonists have bought, traded, gambled and ‘borrowed’ many a two wheeled conveyance… but alas both garages are bare any semblance of CT110 glory.

All is not lost though good souls. For the 100 odd unique visitors that stumble upon this obscure corner of the internet each day salvation is within reach.

If it’s Posties you seek… check out the Red Satan MC over on the Facebook. They’re new… so be gentle… but they’ve spun out of the Australian Cafe Racer scene and so know which way their bread is buttered.

This wolf pack may have disbanded for know.. as we play with liter bikes and other ridiculousness, but we’ll be back before long, after all once you’ve had a Postie they’ll never leave you.


XR250 Tank – The Long Range CT110 Postie

April 20, 2011 by

If you’re going to take your CT110 out past that last letter box and fully exploit the wonders of these little battlers you’re going to need to carry more than five litres of fuel or you’ll be spending your trips hopping from fuel stop to fuel stop.

Happily enterprising individuals have been strapping all manner of enlarged capacity tanks to their CT110’s for years, with a favourite being those of the Honda XR250. It’s a direct bolt on, with no frame modifications except relocating the ignition to the tacho bracket, and their expanded range provides hundred rather than tens of kilometers of operating range. In most instances the under seat tank can then be set up as the ‘reserve’ giving you enough additional range to get out of trouble if required.

I’m selling my 1990 XR250 tank, as fitted to my CT110 on eBay at the moment, jump on it and you won’t regret those extra miles.

CT110 Festivus Film Festival…

December 22, 2009 by

Our recent tip of the brain bucket toward our Postie Racing friends, The Mild Ones, has only served to illuminate the vast gash of quality CT110 material available for your viewing on the Immense Black Hole of Productivity aka Youtube.

In the spirit of the festive season we’d like to highlight a couple of stand out CT110 films that are available via the interporn in the worlds first ever CT110 Festivus Film Festival…

Firstly Adventuredavo in East Timor… Using his masterful editing skills, four weeks and 1500km on a Postie around this troubled paradise has been cut into 3 minutes and 45 seconds of quality video. Adventuredavo’s catch phrase ‘No Map No Idea’ speaks volumes as to the appeal of touring on a CT110, and his video is part Lonely Planet, part Survivorman…

Secondly we take a Wide World of Sports segue into the extreme sport of Dirt Skiing behind a CT110. Obviously the highlights editor has been on leave, as 9 minutes and 50 seconds of watching dudes fall off a piece of corrugated iron being dragged by a CT110 is pushing the boundaries of human tolerance… in all the right ways. We love this niche sport as a statement of outrageous and all consuming boredom.

Finally, no film festival would be complete without an obscure art house international piece for all the poindexters in black roll necks to nod at and make obtuse comments about. So we proudly present CT110 from the Masters of Zen, please consider. The talented and enigmatic Rozexmegro has produced a number of Ct110 adventure films, all well worth watching for their stunning visual effects and engagement with the environment.

Postie Bike Racing

December 22, 2009 by

Today we give a motorcyclists nod in the general direction of that unique embodiment of the Australian Way:

Postie Bike Racing Part 1…

The mild ones have put together this outstanding documentary focusing on the men, the machines and of course the high adrenaline action of the track.

Postie Bike Racing Part 2…

All in all 14 minutes of CT110 Racing gold for you to enjoy over the festive season!

August – Postie of the Month

August 6, 2009 by

We’ve declared it Enduro August!

Live from the parrallel universe of Japanese enduro blogs comes our Postie of the Month for August, 2009…

From a quick review of their blog Yoshi Rally are KTM and Palm Tree obsessed beer drinkers and our neighbours to the North. It would also appear that they are consiuers of the inappropriate postie makeover… bolting some new shocks, a shiny paintjob and some Rallye accessories onto an unfortunate CT110 and loving their own work.

All we can say is ‘Bansai!’

As a contrast we’ve included this Aussie take on the CT110 enduro… lifted from the pages of Dirt Bike and created by Kipo. Featuring a CFR 50 front guard, cheapo bark busters (w cross brace welded to bars), XR600 tank, CRF 50 muffler welded to front of original pipe, #95 main jet (stock is #72), removed rubber boot between air box and carrier and fitted pod filter, XR tail light and small blinkers, headlight protector, small mirrors, O ring chain, up 1 tooth on counter shaft sprocket, HD tubes and off road tyres…!



We know which one we’d take across the Simpson!

IchiBan Super Zero

July 24, 2009 by

Having ridden the Great Western in triumph like Caesar entering Rome, after conquering Lithgow, and spent a week bathed in the warm glory of his success by regaling the harrowing tale to anyone who would even feign a passing interest the Warrior began to get the itch.

At first it was a mild and unsettling distraction, akin to having to watch an obese person eat their lunch, but soon it would creep into his consciousness, exposing itself like that uncle you wish you didn’t have to invite to Christmas, and eventually as the days worries ebbed away, just before sleep, it would become an OCD infected tick, poisoning his every thought with an endless cycle of dismantle, rebuild, respray, clean, polish, remantle…

It was official, this was no harmless swine flu, he’d been bitten by the Grease Monkeys, infected with some serious Aesthetic Compulsion Reorder, and afflicted with a severe case of the ‘Putting Lipstick on a Pig’ syndrome.

You could blame these illusions of aesthetic grandeur on too many lunch breaks perusing bike porn via the interweb, or put them down to the ancient warriors pride in their instruments of battle, be they warhorses, tanks, B-52’s, or indeed CT110’s. The point is this… the Warrior had the need to get his fiddle on, to instill some of his warrior pride in his warrior ride!

It was this very pride that led to the christening of IchiBan Super Zero drawing on the ancient japanese concept of being number one, adding a little Super for effect, and elluding to the duality of Zero, both a great aircraft for divebombing and a math concept

Having engaged the high pressue hose to remove half of the Newnes State Forest that was still lodged in Super Zero’s nooks, crannies and crevices a cunning plan scuttled across the dark recesses of the Warrior’s conciousness.

1. Dismantle postie into base elements

2. Replace bearings, seals, gaskets and consumables

3. Complete modifications for touring use, resisting the urge to fit a supercharger to a CT110

4. Apply a Warrior worthy rattle can battle scheme to enable easy identification in potentially troubling scenarios such as this or this or even this without resorting to labelling oneself a complete banana bender

5. Pilot IchiBan Super Zero into the rising sun and eternal glory!

Phase One is schedule for commencement within 48 hours, hangover pending… and we shall all see if the twisted machinations of a boardline sociopathic paranoid combantant can be realised in this dimension.

To be continued…

July- Postie of the Month Part 2

July 20, 2009 by

Harking back to the inaugral Postie of the Month, an outrageous white CT110 Chopper in Queensland, we present this black beauty from the ‘States…

Featuring big bars, huge front forks, relocated tank, Lifan 125cc engine with suicide cluth, custom crash bars and foot pegs, and a homespun exhaust it is certainly one of the more complete and extreme 110’s we’ve come across on the interweb. A complete set of pics are available here

WWN – The ‘shiz

July 9, 2009 by

Proof of Concept; a short and/or incomplete realisation of a certain method or idea to demonstrate its feasibility, or a demonstration in principle, whose purpose is to verify that some concept or theory is probably capable of exploitation in a useful manner…

Having spent the better part of several months and countless ale fuelled discussions combing the classifieds and working out how to save the world via CT110 the time had come to see if the proof was indeed in the pudding, to move past the aural self gratification, and put some rubber to the road…

How would the Postidos tour?

Did their drum brakes have a chance of surviving the decent from Mt Victoria…?

Who would blow a gasket first, man or machine?

Should I have a rump or sirloin steak at Lithgow Workies this evening?

These were all pressing questions clouding the otherwise crystalline minds of Voodoo and Warrior as they wheeled onto the Commenarra Parkway and began their circuitous route into the unknown…

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July – Postie of the Month

July 6, 2009 by

There is something about the CT110 that just seems to attract nutters… what other bike has inspired so many to push it beyond the limits of its fundamental design?

From crushing continents, to avgas fuelled racing and boulevard cruising someone out there has taken a rattle can and a socket set to a CT110 and created their ultimate weapon.

In this inagural Postie of the Month we present the fashionista’s postie, a Queensland creation recently listed on eBay. Taking a leaf from the Orange County Chopper book, with a little BMX Bandit mixed in for good measure this vision in white certainly sets the benchmark for future entrants…

If you ask us, all thats missing is a set of spokey dokes…

WWN – The Preview

July 5, 2009 by

The Wager Weekend to Newnes is done and dusted.

Before the full report here’s a little sneak peak of some of the action…